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  • Embroidery Folder Cover.


    This is the pattern for making a cover for your folder that holds the files and embroidery examples that I send to the people on my email ist. It’s the pattern for the cover only. The little embroideries shown in the photo are available on the website under “Little Blooms”.

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    FREE Heart Pattern.


    These hearts are easy and quick to make and would make a lovely addition to the Christmas Tree. Add the designs from either the “Home for Christmas” pattern or the “Woodland Christmas” pattern to the front of the heart.

  • FREE Mini Christmas Stocking Pattern.


    These Mini Christmas Stockings are so easy, and such fun, to make. Make many and hang them on the Christmas tree with a small gift or money inside. Use any of the designs in the “Home for Christmas” or “Woodland Christmas” patterns to decorate the front of the Mini Christmas Stocking. Finished Mini Stocking size: …

  • Hearts & Roses Embroidered Patchwork Heart.


    An easy and pretty addition to your workroom or living room. Quick to make with easy embroidery. A lovely way to practice Woven Wheel Rose embroidery.

  • Looped Satin Stitch Christmas Tree.


    This is a free tutorial for you to download. There is a small Christmas Tree design in the tutorial so you can practise the Looped Satin Stitch. The Looped Satin Stitch Christmas Tree looks really lovely stitched onto the free Mini Stocking Pattern.