Chenille 24 Needles.


These are my favourite needles that I use for just about everything. They come in a handy re-usable envelope that slips neatly into a bag or handbag or on hand when making your project.

Four gorgeous designs on the front.

Size of envelope:3-1/4″ x 2-1/4″.


Needles come in different sizes and types- each serving a specific purpose in embroidery.

Some common types of embroidery needles are:

Crewel Needles– have a medium long eye and a sharp point. They are suitable for general embroidery work, including Crewel embroidery. surface embroidery and decorative stitching.

Embroidery Needles– similar to Crewel needles, but have a larger eye, making it easier to thread thicker embroidery threads. They are commonly used for thread painting and general embroidery.

Tapestry Needles– have a bunt tip and a large eye. They are commonly used for counted thread embroidery, needlepoint and cross stitch. The blunt tip helps to avoid splitting the fabrics threads and allows the needle to pass through easily.

Chenille Needles– have a long, sharp point and a large eye. They are ideal for working with thicker threads, ribbon or multiple strands of embroidery floss.

Beading Needles– are very fine and long, with a small eye.They are specifically designed for adding beads and sequins to embroidery projects.

Milliners or Straw Needles– have a long shaft and a tiny eye. They are perfect for creating French or Colonial Knots, Bullion knots as the eye is no wider than the shaft of the needle.

When choosing a needle- consider the fabric you’ll be working on and the thickness of the thread you’ll be using.Thicker fabrics and thread may require larger needles, while delicate fabrics and fine threads may need smaller more delicate needles. Experimenting with different needle types and sizes will help you find the perfect needle for your project.



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